Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thought Renewal Quotes

Summarizing some recent posts with a few key quotes on the various topics I've covered so far in Thought Renewal.
  • Success has to do with living a life of abundance that comes from the hand of God.

  • Communication requires distributing the right words to the right destination at the right time, which also requires receiving the right information from the other person.

  • What excuses are we willing to eliminate from our lives right now so that we can live the life of abundance that God intends for us? Go to the ant for some life lessons.

  • Your luck increases in direct proportion to the extent that you live your life on purpose in a cause that is bigger than yourself.

  • Harnessing our mental faculties for creating positive environs for ourselves and other people is a laudable and attainable goal. In fact, it is a biblical mandate.

  • We haven't been taught that it is a virtue to create wealth for the benefit of our family and others. So we have to teach ourselves the validity of this belief.

  • We do not have the ability within ourselves to break free from our prison that separates us from our Creator. But wait, there is good news...

  • The Law of Attraction seems to me to be a restating of the biblical principle, "You reap what you sow."

  • Did you know that each one of our beliefs is a choice? Sadly, we've chosen to accept most of our beliefs "without argument."

  • Jesus has a clear goal in mind for each of our lives and has a plan that, if followed, will take us to our destination with banners waving.

  • While we shouldn't ignore our 5 natural senses, I believe there are supernatural senses which give us a heavenly perspective that our physical nature will miss.

  • It is not our humanity that gets us into trouble. It is the inhuman sin nature that infests and corrupts God's good earth that is the problem.

  • Are we going to persist in fear and give in to our anxieties or are we going to do everything we can to "flunk out of the school of worry" and live the life of abundance that God has in store for us?


David said...

Lyn, I don't get around as much as I want (or apparently, need :-)) to. Looks like I need to dig into the posts these quotes came from, cos some of them strongly resonated with me (and all of them resonated to some degree).


Lyn Perry said...

Thanks David! I appreciate your comment, especially in light of our past blogging connections as I know you are a bit more on the, shall we say, "conservative" side of me? lol

Which ones really rang true for you? I'd be interested. Plus I need to return the favor as I haven't touched base with hardly any of my Bloggin' Outloud buddies.

I don't know if this project is doing what I want it to do and that is bridge the gap for nonChristians to see the relevance of faith in the "self-help" field as well as help Christians see that God's truth and principles are available in curious places. But I keep writing. Like you, it quiets the voices in my head. :-)

Until next time, Lyn