Monday, March 26, 2007

God is My CEO

A surprisingly helpful little handbook is God is My CEO by Larry Julian (published by Adams Media 2001, 2002). It's actually a compilation of short chapters on a wide range of business topics by various corporate leaders, sports authorities, and even a former governor.

Normally I would shy away from books like this that tie God with politics, business, or sports, but the subtitle - Following God's Principles in a Bottom-Line World - sounded better than the title. It struck a chord with me as this is my desire.

I was pleased with the resource. Just flipping through the headings and authors piqued my interest: Tony Dungy (Super Bowl Champ Head Coach) on Patience; Horst Schulze (CEO Ritz Carlton) on Servant Leadership; Truett Cathy (Founder Chick-fil-A) on Priorities; Bob Buford (author of Half Time) on Success. Etc.

Okay. Not an instant classic. But a nice gift if you are looking to impact others in a positive way.

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