Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Creating Your Own Luck

It's your lucky day!

Why? Because today you have a choice. You can choose to live this day on purpose. And when you make that decision, you put yourself in a position to receive everything that today has to offer. You can make today your lucky day. And that's great news!

But how? What's the "first step" to becoming lucky?

To continually receive good things in life, you must surrender yourself daily to a worthy cause. I believe your luck increases in direct proportion to the extent that you live your life on purpose in a business or cause that is bigger than yourself.

Many people think success is just a matter of chance; that good things in life are flukes (this is not what I mean by luck). People say, "They were just in the right place at the right time." Now that part is true. But what most people don't realize is that we create our own luck by preparing ourselves to be in the right place at the right time. Like in the movie Facing the Giants we must not only pray but prepare for rain.

How to Create Your Own Luck

Let's Get L.U.C.K.Y. - A Five Point Strategy

1st Strategy: L – Look for people to serve. We must take the initiative. This is a mindset, an early life decision that has to be managed every day, as John Maxwell says. It's also a "heartset" - a decision to serve from love in everything we do.

The byproduct is that you benefit as well. Doesn't Zig Ziglar make sense? "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

2nd Strategy: U - Understand, accept, and work the numbers. In any business or cause, some will, some won't, so what, someone's waiting. Truth is, you can't beat the numbers, but it's also true that the numbers can't beat you.

Don't treat people as numbers, but if you're going to get lucky you must play the game daily. A game you can win. This is not like the lottery. Winning in Las Vegas is a fluke. Winning in life is not. But it is about working the numbers.

3rd Strategy: C – Commit to consistent activity. John Maxwell, a leadership expert, states that he could spend a day with you and tell you with 95% certainty whether you will be successful. He said the secret to one's success (or failure) is discovered in one's daily agenda.

It's not the home run record that makes a person a success, it's the daily batting practice. Tornadoes and hurricanes make the news, but termites do more damage. (It's the little things that count!)

4th Strategy: K – Know your business well. You don't have to be the greatest at your business or service, just be good. And get better every day. Become excellent at your craft. Of course, it takes hard work. And time. But not as long as you think.

5th Strategy: Y – You decide how fast, how hard, how much. It's a choice. You determine how lucky you get! Work hard. Get lucky. Put yourself in the right position at the right time with the right people. You can have it all when you live your life on purpose.

It's Your Choice . . .
Look for People to Serve
Understand, Accept, & Work the Numbers
Commit to Consistent Activity
Know Your Business Well
You Decide How LUCKY You Get!

© 2007, Lyn Perry - Permission to reprint this article with acknowledgment.
Photo source: Henry Li at Kronka, utilizing the Creative Commons Deed.


Roger said...

Thank You for writing and sharing this. I love that the first item in the list is to Look for people to serve. It points to the Activity we need to undertake... and service to others is the quickest way to lose the self / ego - and detach from the outcome.

And we all know - what goes around comes around!

Much gratitude!

Carlo said...

Good job! :)