Saturday, March 17, 2007

Daily Affirmations, Part 3

God has given us the ability to create wealth.

Trouble is, many of us grew up with - and still have - a "poverty" mindset. That is, we haven't been taught that it is a virtue to create wealth for the benefit of our family and others. So we have to teach ourselves the validity of this belief. Change our thinking, change our beliefs and ultimately change our lives.

One way to change our thinking is through daily affirmations. Repetition, we know from experience, is the mother of learning. We develop new thought-patterns when we repeatedly affirm something. (An extreme example is that of brainwashing.)

Now it's important to realize that that "something" could be a statement of truth or falsehood. Like gravity, the Principle of Affirmation doesn't care how you use it, it works regardless of our motives. That is why it is imperative to base our affirmations on the truth of scripture.

And a scriptural truth is that God has given us the ability to create wealth (Deuteronomy 8.18).

So one set of daily affirmations that I use to help transform my "poverty" thinking into "abundance" thinking - which thus changes my beliefs about earning money (among other things) - is as follows:
I have decided to use the talents God has given me and create wealth for my family and those around me.
  • Think of my family and friends who will benefit.
  • Think of the ministries we can fund and the saints we will serve.
  • Think of our future friends we'll greet in the Kingdom.
  • Think of the tens of thousands of lives we can touch.
  • Think of the taxes we'll pay.
  • Think of the business we'll generate and the people employed because of it.
  • Think of my parents and the positive impact they've had as successful business owners.
  • Think of the legacy we'll leave.
I also have a scriptural text for each of these bullet points, so if that's important to you, email me and I will send you the passages that are foundational to thinking biblically about wealth. Also, let me know what daily affirmations you are using to change your thinking and beliefs so that you can experience the life of abundance that God intends.

More Affirmations!


Ronald said...

Hi Lyn!
Great post. May I have the bible scriptures that support those bullets?

My email is trendsetterr @

Thank you so much. It's so much more powerful when affirmations have bible scriptures to back them up!

Thanks again.


Lyn Perry said...

Thanks for that "affirmation" :-) I agree that when we specifically include and acknowledge God (the God of the Bible, ie, Creator, Lord, Father/Son/Holy Spirit) as the source of all truth then the working out of these principles for our benefit directs all glory to God and is thus a more powerful expression of these principles. The scripture texts are on their way. lgp

Megan Potter said...

Hi Lyn,

I love that you are talking about wealth, I've been blogging on the very topic at the very same time as you! (Now there's a coincidence worth sitting up and taking notice of.) Very cool.

Lyn Perry said...

Thanks for that affirmation - I don't believe there are "coincidences" either. We are open to how God works in our lives or we aren't. So thanks for popping by. And for those who read comments, Megan's post she's referring to is:
Chat with you later, lgp

Barbara said...

Lyn, I really enjoyed this post. I'm thankful for a pastor who isn't afraid to teach these things in our church!

Lyn Perry said...

Thanks for dropping by! Appreciate the comment.

My thought is that the bible gives us warnings about wealth because the tendency, like with anything, is to leave God out of the equation. But if we acknowledge him as the giver of all good things, then wealth becomes a tool like anything else.


Anonymous said...

Good post on Daily affirmations.

karim - Positive thinking