Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LOA Teleconference Part 2

Note: This is part 2 of a 3-part series based on a portion of Monday night's teleconference on the law of attraction.

One reason I hosted the LOA teleconference is that I believe there are two fundamental distinctions between sound, traditional, self help principles - which are biblically based - and the teachings of those who are full blown followers of the Secret.

And these distinctions are not just differences between a Ford and Chevy. I’m convinced that much of what is passing for "wise instruction" is actually non-biblical and even anti-biblical distortions.

So for those who have had concerns about the Secret and yet didn’t know exactly why you felt uncomfortable, maybe you'll identify with what I’m going to articulate.

The first fundamental difference – and I would say flaw in this teaching – is that there is a confusion and syncretization between God the Creator of the universe and the universe itself. The language that is used is very revealing. When people write about the law of attraction they talk about the Universal Mind – with capital letters. Infinite Intelligence. Higher Self. And they want us to believe that when we talk about God, we are talking about the same thing. Different words, same concept. Semantics.

And my response is absolutely not. This is not simply a matter of semantics. The God of the bible is the creator of the universe and is in no way to be identified with the creation. Why? Because even if we grant that the universe is pure energy, and is the same thing as God, then what we have is a non-personal force, an energy field that we can tap into for whatever purposes we desire.

The bible teaches that God is a person, not an impersonal force. And that he created us for his good pleasure and our purpose in life is wrapped up in his good and perfect will for our lives. God wants to have a personal relationship with us; he created us in his image so that we could relate to him - creature to Creator.

You can’t have a personal relationship with a lightening bolt. You can’t have a loving, intimate friendship with a tsunami or force of nature. "May The Force Be With You" is not the same thing as saying, "God be with you." I thought we clarified this issue when Star Wars came out in 1977. But evidently this idea is still with us.

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Wayne M said...

Thanks for stopping by. I have been very out of touch and doing no blogging. I think the only personal passion I have any time for now is photography. Keep up your great work Lyn.

The Random Yak said...

Amen Lyn.

Hmm, looks like I missed the boat somewhere. Been enjoying reading the blog - didn't realize you were still blogging, but I'm glad to have found the new iteration.

R. Yak

Bob & Larry... er, Lyn Perry said...

Wayne and Yak,
Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I've put Bloggin' Outloud on hiatus for now and am concentrating on the theology of self-help! What a combo, eh? Appreciate your kind words. Have a great week and drop in and comment again soon. lgp

kc said...

Hi Lyn. Welcome to the CFBA blog tour! You've got a great blog here--very thoughtful, lol. Great posts.
God bless,

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

"You can’t have a personal relationship with a lightening bolt. You can’t have a loving, intimate friendship with a tsunami or force of nature"

Good point. I have bookmarked your article on