Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LOA Teleconference Part 3 of 3

Note: This is part 3 of a 3-part series based on a portion of Monday night's teleconference on the law of attraction.

The second fundamental difference, or flaw or distortion, in the current teaching of the LOA as propounded by teachers of the Secret is that the answer to the world's darkness or problems is a Gnostic answer. That is, the teachers behind much of this new age thought claim that it is through knowledge - becoming more aware or enlightened; having a secret knowledge or understanding - that we will overcome war, famine, oppression, poverty, disease, illness, and everything else that is wrong with the world.

In other words, education in these universal principles will bring about the Age of Aquarius. Hey, I'm old enough to remember the Fifth Dimension singing that song. It's a great tune, great message. But there is more to overcoming the world's darkness than simply singing, "Ooh, let the sunshine in!"

The answer found in the bible has to do with restoring a broken relationship that the creation has with its Creator. That is why there is war, famine, poverty, disease, oppression – the relationship between us and God has been severed. Now this is not a popular message, but there is no other way to describe how this situation came about other than by calling it what it is – sin.

The fundamental flaw in a lot of this "new agey" type of teaching is that you will never hear it said that the problem is sin. People will talk about lack of awareness, ignorance, not thinking right, but they won't talk about sin. Or a broken relationship with our Creator.

You see, if the universe is God and God is the universe then there is no relationship to restore. If Carl Sagan was right when he stated in Cosmos in 1980 - "The cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be," then we are in a sad state. For if the cosmos is all there is, then we are indeed simply made of star stuff – just a collection of quarks – and to the stars we will return. No hope, no future, simply become one with the universe.

Do you see why I believe that this teaching is fundamentally at odds with the teaching of the bible? The scripture proclaims that the God of the universe created us for a relationship with him, but because of sin we have a broken connection. God’s plan is to restore that relationship – and as Christians we believe it is through Jesus Christ, his son, that that friendship is re-established. The future is bright – not because we return to the stars, but because we have the opportunity and invitation to come home to our Creator and live with him forever.

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Ryan said...

spot on mate.. while some principles are biblically based even a half-truth is a lie. Therefore, I think its dangerous territory for a Christian to work with this method if they leave God out of the center of it all. We shouldn't be using God or His Word merely as a means to our success without having a direct relationship with Him first.

Bob & Larry... er, Lyn Perry said...

Thanks for your comment. That's my underlying presupposition - that the God of the bible is the author of these principles and that he has given them to us for our benefit. Much like the law of gravity can be used without acknowledging the law-giver, self-help principles work because they are based on truth. I simply want to point people to the Truth behind those truths. lgp

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Keep spreading the word!

I have bookmarked your article on
(and your list)

dismental said...

It's a good point of view, thanks for sharing it.

Non the less it is very "christian" oriented... In fact, God and Universal Mind are (for me) one and the same thing. The biblical image of God is the personalization of human efforts to connect to the Universal Mind that binds us all. It's almost as a tale that tries to explain how everything is possible once you have (true) faith. But true faith is not to believe in God (the image of the old gentleman with white bierd) but to believe that everything is possible because we are one with the universe and we are all made of the same energy vibrating in different frequencies.

That's my 5 cents...

Peace and joy to all.

Lyn said...

Thanks, dismental, for your thoughts. And yes, my perspective is based on a Christian orientation. But I don't hold that a personalized God is an old man with a white beard. I doubt any serious Christian thinker has that view. A personal God is one who is an independent being, not a collective consciousness. Again, thanks for your perspective. Lyn