Monday, September 26, 2005

Your Road Map For Success

Defining success is like herding cats - you can go off in a hundred different directions. But when it comes to the application of leadership principles as it relates to this theme, there's no one better than John Maxwell to show the way. In this book, previously published as The Success Journey, Maxwell reminds us that success is a journey, not a destination. Here's his definition:
Success is . . .
knowing your purpose in life,
growing to reach your maximum potential, and
sowing seeds that benefit others. (p. 11)
We're not on a journey to success. This journey is ongoing. We will never exhaust our capacity to grow our potential or run out of opportunities to help other people. This is good news. It takes the pressure off of "performing" and puts the emphasis on maturing. The process is the goal.

Maybe that's a platitude, but the truth is well worth learning. So often we think we'll "arrive" after earning some trophy, diploma, degree, promotion, or position. Yet before the applause dies down, we're dissatisfied and start looking for our next success.

The truth is that the secret to any success is in the daily habits that move us toward our purpose and mature us in Christ, all the while benefiting others. The awards that may or may not come are simply expressions of successful living. And if you see yourself as successful by this definition, the kudos are just icing on the cake.


Wayne M said...

Success in this world is doing what you were created to do.

1. Worship God with all your heart, mind and streangth.

2. Do what that still small voice inside you tells you to do.

Chrysostomos said...

"Defining success is like herding cats - you can go off in a hundred different directions."

Good One! :)