Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Power of Positive Thinking

This classic by Norman Vincent Peale helped explode the self-help genre and gave it credibility within the Christian community. Although the author appeals to a liberal mindset (religion is good for you and God is only about love), the positive thinking guideposts he articulates utilize transferable scriptural principles. This shouldn't become your bible, but it is a helpful read. I especially relate to this quote on How to Break the Worry Habit:
Worry is a destructive process of occupying the mind with thoughts contrary to God's love and care....The cure is to fill the mind with thoughts of God's power, His protection, and His goodness. (p. 129)
Do we need Peale to remind us what Paul has already stated in Philippian 4:8? Probably not. But can such reminders do us good? If read as practical suggestions alongside the scripture, I'm fairly positive they can.

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