Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Reeds in Mexico

Friends of mine from seminary, Joyce and David Reed, are missionaries in Mexico. Joyce is an incredible writer and posts her journals regularly at our mission page (see link below). Wanted to share a portion of her journal.

Theological School of La Paz

"Alicia Agruel had a dream. She wanted to donate a piece of property to the Baptist Convention of Baja Sur as a site for a Theological School. In the fall of 2002, she donated the property. FBC of Fairbury, IL donated the initial gifts that began the construction project. Mission Group after group followed to add their time and financial resources to the dream. Mexican pastors and laypersons got involved. Crossroads, the English-speaking congregation, offered labor. Everyone participated in the tasks of digging foundations, laying block, smoothing stucco on the walls, painting, wiring for electricity, plumbing the bathrooms, etc. The first classroom was built and completed. The bathrooms were built and completed. And in our last journal article we wrote and told you that the second classroom was completed and the entire property had been walled in by the end of August. Alicia’s dream was unfolding before her eyes."

Thank you, Joyce and David, for helping make those dreams come true.

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