Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some Personal Growth Carnivals

A number of great carnivals out there. Here are a few I'm aware of.

Moses of Three Sticks Blog did a great job hosting his first roundup, the Personal Development Carnival. A number of categories to dip into, including Finding Success, Getting Things Done, and Creating A New You. Check it out. And submit a post of your own.

Widows Quest
says, Let's Start the Week Positively and collects a number of positive links to help us do just that. Topics include getting rid of stinking thinking; 5 life-changing keys to overcoming your fear; risk taking - living life to the fullest; and a crisis may be a blessing in disguise.

Brain Cramps for God hosted the most recent Christian Carnival and linked to my book review, Wild at Heart under the heading of discernment. Other featured spiritual gift categories include evangelism, encouragement, giving, teaching. Great reading.

UPDATE 2.27.07 ~ Evolving Times is hosting the Law of Attraction Carnival - Physical Health Edition. I've had some good interactions to my comments from the blog host, Ed Mills, who always seem to respond in a positive manner even when disagreeing with me.

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