Monday, February 26, 2007

Free "Law of Attraction" Teleconference

Oprah endorses it. People are talking about it. A DVD called The Secret is making the rounds. And it all has to do with the Law of Attraction. What is this law? Is it biblical? Should Christians be concerned? Let's explore this topic together and discover the secret behind The Secret in a free teleconference tonight!

Monday, February 26, 2007
10:00 to 10:30 P.M. (CST)

~ The "Secret" Law of Attraction ~
A Biblical Perspective

30 Minute Free Teleconference
with Q&A and Discussion

Hosted by Lyn Perry of Thought Renewal
and a Special Blogging Guest
Moses Edward Miles III of Three Sticks

We have a limited number of dial-in lines available. If you would like to participate in this free teleconference, please register your interest by emailing me at "lyngperry (at) yahoo (dot) com" [you can figure that out] and I will email you the dial-in number and access code.

UPDATE: Here's the "agenda" Moses and I will use to guide our discussion tonight. "See you" at 10 pm central time.

Discussion Guide:
1. What is the Law of Attraction? The principle defined.
2. Is it biblical? See Gal 6.7; Luke 19.11-27; Luke 6.38.
3. How is it applied (or misapplied) in today's culture?
4. Why does it work? Why does it seem not to work?
5. Non-scriptural teachings and distortions of this principle.
6. Open Discussion & Q&A ~
+ As a follower of Christ, how can the Law of Attraction be applied?
+ What role should "self-help" and "personal development" play in our lives?
+ Do you have any questions to ask? Please email me today. Thanks.

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Theresa said...

Hello Lyn...

I came here from the blog.

I realize that your goal was to get people to follow the link to your blog - and that's what I did, so it worked :) - but the 1% of substance and 99% advertisement in the comment put me off. To me, it was tacky and disrespectful.

However, after following your link I was pleasantly surprised to find someone with an open mind that's willing to look at several sides of an issue without falling back on stereotypes.

Christians and others forget that Christians are not "Stepford Believers," each of us are different human beings with different beliefs and/or levels of beliefs.

Right now, I use LOA to help me defeat my negativity - it isn't easy after almost 37 years of immersion in negativity - my tendency is still to strongly slide backwards and into the past instead of looking forward with positiveness.

Lyn said...

Thanks Theresa for taking the time to comment. I apologize - it was a bit tacky to advertise on someone else's blog without their permission. I didn't mean any disrespect, however. I realize that bloggers reserve the right to delete or edit content, so I would have understood had the Breathing Prosperity Blog rejected my post. However, I'm glad it produced this conversation.

Appreciate your feedback and also for realizing that I am fairly open-minded when it comes to the "self-help" principles espoused by The Secret and other resources. I just have a different take on where those principles come from and how to apply them. So that was what was behind the teleconference invite. Again, I apologize for going about it in a way that didn't seem appropriate.

You mention overcoming negativity - This, to me, is one of the main strengths of the personal development movement. We need help overcoming fear along with the negative self-image many of us picked up along the way to adulthood. The most powerful resource is God's Holy Spirit who breathes Truth into our lives.

But tools that are based on God's truth - like affirmations, law of attraction, goal setting, focus, hard work, persistence in the face of obstacles, being around positive people, etc - can be used to grow us into vibrant, healthy, mature people. That is my prayer and purpose behind Thought Renewal.

Thanks again for stopping by. lgp