Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christian Carnival #97, Part 2

Welcome to the 97th Edition
of the Christian Carnival!
(part 2)

Welcome back to the 97th edition of the Christian Carnival (part 2!). As you've surmised, I didn't quite finish pointing out all the attractions at our "County Fair" before Thanksgiving Eve. So, pull out your ticket and let's get back to the show. If this is your first time here, relax, have fun, and tell your friends. Like in part 1, we'll start out with some fairly light entertainment and progressively work our way down the midway toward some thrillers.


Let's Start Out With a Classic Ride

  • Doug Raymond of Fallible writes how "Katy and Doug never dreamed their marriage would be like this" in I Will Not Be Afraid Of The Terror By Night, Nor Of The Dream About The Guy Who Breaks The Piano.
  • From Amy's Humble Musings we have a humorous look at the Top 10 Ways to Get Hits. Thanks Amy.
  • A Penitent Blogger offers "a reflection on an ancient vision and questions for our lives today" in Feet of Clay.
  • David Fisher of Pilgrim Scribblings writes this about his post, Quiet: "This post was written on a morning when God's peace was so very evident in the midst of life's storms. I had to write it as I was experiencing it because the 'quietness and confidence' was so refreshing."

  • Next Up, the Famous Ferris Wheel

  • William Meisheid of Beyond the Rim shares "a few thoughts on Solomon's assertion that wisdom and knowledge only increase grief and sorrow as applied to Christian discipleship" in Some Thoughts On Sorrow And Solomon.
  • Bob Finnerty of The Doctor is In has some "thoughts on aging, scepticism, and the foolishness of a life of faith" in The Choice of Fools.
  • Phil Steiger in Every Thought Captive writes: "Statistics about our general biblical illiteracy are depressing, but what do they say about the things we Christians think are biblically sanctioned?" Read more in The Things We Think Are Biblical.
  • Martin LeBar of Sun and Shield says this post, Jubilee Economics, "is a reaction to a book on this subject, written by Kinsler and Kinsler."
  • Deputyheadmistress of The Common Room submits an entry on how to have a Quiet Time.

  • Now We're Heading Toward the Sky Swings

  • Funky Dung of Ales Rarus writes: "A good friend of mine, a licensed pharmacist and a committed Christian, addresses the issue of refusing to dispense oral contraceptives." Article is Shut Up and Fill the Prescription.
  • Laura Curtis in Pursuing Holiness states that "As Christians, our feelings should have little or no bearing on our actions." Find out why in Let's not talk about reality, let's talk about our feelings.
  • In Hodos' entry, I Will Worship God All of My Days, Tony, Mark, & Phil"continue our discussion of the pathway for followers of Jesus with a description of worship that goes far beyond Sunday mornings."
  • Donna-Jean of Liberty and Lily writes, "There are people still living on the ground in tents in Mississippi, as aresult of Hurricane Katrina. And now it's Christmas. . . . Bloggers can help." She explains how in I Need Your Help.

  • Are You Brave Enough for the Thriller?

  • Wayne at Questions and Answers asks in his article The Tabernacle, "What is God doing in the book of Exodus when he gives this clear patter of the Tabernacle to Moses on the Mount. Is this relavant to us in this day and age?"
  • Phil Threeten states that, "We often think that as Christians we are no longer under the law, but what if our understanding of the law is wrong?" in Law vs Law.
  • Pete Hernandez of FamilyMedicine writes in his post, Medical Economics and the Family: "The Christian family must take dominion of medical economics. These activities of men must necessarily bring all thought, word, and deed captive to the obedience of Christ for His Glory."
  • Barbara of Tidbits and Treasures writes: "This article (Where is Your Jesus?) discusses worshipping before apparitions thought to be 'Jesus' and the real Spirit of JESUS, which each born-again Christian has within him/her."
  • "Do we have a responsibility to forgive everyone who hurts us, even when they've done the same thing over and over?" Silas Jones explores this question and its implications in his post, Low-Caliber Forgiveness.

  • And Now the Grand Finale Coaster Ride

  • John Hill writes that the series Back to Basics continues at Brain Cramps for God. The newest installment is: "Filled" - To Overcome and Become.
  • Runalong with Pastor Mark asks, "Had enough hell yet? My response to Lyn Perry's response to my original post on hell. We agree that hell is a horrible place: But will any people go there?" in Less Hell = More Converts?

    That's it. We finally made it to the end. Feel free to come again any time and visit the carnival. Oh, and tell your friends to join the fun next week at Cadmusings. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Maribel Hernandez said...

    Hello Lyn Perry,

    Pete, added a link to our blog.

    thank you, Maribel Hernandez

    Lyn said...

    Thanks for linking. Enjoyed hosting the carnival and meeting new blogging friends. lgp