Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Unlimited Power & Giants Within

Reposting and updating this blog entry from 2005...

Awaken the Giant Within
by Anthony Robbins

A giant best seller!

Almost everyone familiar with self-help is aware of Anthony Robbins and NLP (google it if you aren't). I was skeptical before reading both Unlimited Power (1986) and Awaken the Giant Within (1991) but was impressed with the practical, no nonsense principles that Robbins espouses.

Although sprinkled with Christian verbiage and a bit of God-talk, I didn't catch Tony syncretizing religious beliefs, at least not in these books. I have not kept up with his current work to determine if he's maintained a "Norman Vincent Peale" approach to faith and self-help or not.

The books are very practical, full of great exercises, and with too many ideas to summarize with one quote. But I did find his explanation of our Reticular Activating System (RAS) helpful in Awaken the Giant Within.
This shift in mental posture aligns you more precisely with your goals. Once you decide that something is a priority, you give it tremendous emotional intensity, and by continually focusing on it, any resource that supports its attainment will eventually become clear. (p. 288)
This makes more sense to me than magically "magnetizing" wealth into our lives (like The Secret advocates with the Law of Attraction). Simply put, the RAS works because when we focus on a question or problem our mind becomes engaged to find solutions. An example is when we car shop. We never noticed lime green VW Bugs before, but now that we're buying, everyone is driving one! That's your RAS at work.

So, if you're looking for an indepth analysis of the connection between our beliefs and our actions - along with practical steps to take for improving yourself - Robbins has a lot to offer in these thick books (both over 400 pages). Read with discernment, but go ahead and pick one up from a used book store.


Dollar said...

Hi two things that has impacted my life positively are:

Law of Attraction

Tony Robbins NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning)

Try using them for great benefits.

Runbaker said...

The Secret Scam - A Word Of Caution.

Just a word of caution:

1) There have been many sites popping up that are selling illegal (bootleg) copies of the
secret for as little as $5. People are encouraged to avoid these sites because selling bootleg DVDs is just like stealing and based on the Law Of Attraction, you don't want to participate in that type of energy. The best places to buy the DVD is from the official site ( or from one of the teachers. The DVDs are only $25

2) Other people reported that there was a pyramid scam selling 'gratitude rocks' as well, but fortunately these sites were shut down. Please don't get this confused with the actual secret seminar site: