Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Personal Development Carnival Roundup

Let's take a walk down the midway and enjoy this week's carnivals.

First, to the right, Andrea is hosting the premier Carnival of Christian Advice. Her blog, Ask Andrea, is a give and take, question and answer Christian advice blog. Drop in and ask her if I sent you. (I did, I reviewed Wild at Heart.)

UPDATE #1: Now straight ahead is the Christian Carnival CLXIV - hosted by Everyday Liturgy where, with the theme of liturgy as your guide, you'll find great posts in the Call to Worship, The Word of God, Eucharist, Prayers, and Benediction. (Mine is in Call to Worship :-)

To the left . . . oh wait, they're still setting up. Well, in a few days, be sure to look for some other carnivals on the Law of Attraction, Spiritual Growth, Christian Theology, and Positive Thinking.

In the mean time, here's what Anna at Widows Quest wrote about Renewal (not thinking about my blog I'm sure, but it fits well here).

R = Read more stories of success and hope.
E = Enjoy booking a holiday - I haven’t had one since my loss.
N = Never forget the pain but to read my affirmations each day to help my well being.
E = End my diet at my target weight.
W = Walk outside more in the fresh air.
A = Allow myself to smile and laugh without feeling guilty.
L = Learn one new skill.

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Andrea Graham said...

Thank you for mentioning me. Really well done :)

In Christ's love,