Friday, March 23, 2007

Daily Affirmations, Part 5

Today's affirmations come once again from Think Like a Winner. It is a matter of teaching one's mind on a dialy basis that changes our thinking. That is why...
  • Today, I have a positive mental attitude. I have eliminated criticism and impatience from my life, and replaced them with praise and tolerance.
  • Today, I totally believe in myself. I believe I am capable and worthy of high achievement.
  • Today, I have a big, challenging goal I am working toward. It is adding meaning and momentum to my life.
  • Today, I accept full responsibility for all my actions. Whatever results I achieve, I know they are the result of the thinking I am engaged in.
  • Today, I manage my time effectively. I know every minute is precious and irreplaceable, and must be used to the best advantage.
  • Today, I am pursuing a personal development program. I dedicate at least one hour each day toward improving myself.
  • Today, I value my health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am taking very good care of myself.
  • Today, I am a creative person in setting and attaining my goals. Possibilities abound in all my thoughts and actions.
  • Today, I have a service-minded approach toward my employment and fellow human beings. I always to more that what is expected of me, knowing I will receive more of what I want in return.
  • Today, I am excellent at what I do. I believe it is through excellence that I will find my true self.
  • Today, I am effective in all my interpersonal relationships. I believe people take priority over problems, and that they deserve my total respect and attention.

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Atul N said...


These are really good affirmations. I can print them and paste them on my wall. I am already doing daily affirmation everyday morning and night. This is a nice addition to my affirmations. Thanks a lot.