Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daily Affirmations, Part 2

Today's Affirmation is based on Zig Ziglar's 30 Day Confidence Builder. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, by yourself, in front of a mirror, stand up straight, square your shoulders, look yourself in the eye and quietly, firmly say in the first-person, present-tense:

I, __________, am a person of integrity with a good attitude and specific goals. I have a high energy level, am enthusiastic, and take pride in my appearance and what I do. I have a sense of humor, lots of faith, wisdom, and the vision, empathy and courage to use my talents effectively. I have character and am knowledgeable. My convictions are strong and I have a healthy self-image, a passion for what is right, and a solid hope for the future.

I am an honest, sincere, hard-working person. I am tough but fair and sensitive. I'm disciplined, motivated, and focused. I am a good listener and patient, but take decisive action. I am bold, authoritative and confident, yet humble. I am an encourager, a good-finder, an excellent communicator and am developing winning habits.

I am a student, a teacher, and a self-starter. I am obedient, loyal, responsible, dependable and prompt. I have a servant's heart, am ambitious and a team-player. I am personable, optimistic and organized. I am consistent, considerate and resourceful. I am intelligent, competent, persistent and creative. I am health-conscious, balanced and sober. I am flexible, punctual and thrifty.

I am an honorable person who is truly grateful for the opportunity God has given me. These are the qualities of the winner I was born to be and I am fully committed to develop these marvelous qualities with which I have been entrusted. Today is the first day of my life, and it's wonderful!

Before bed, add: Tonight I'm going to sleep wonderfully well. I will dream powerful, positive dreams. I will awaken energized and refreshed, and tomorrow's going to be magnificent!

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