Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why "The Secret" Works Part 3

So, now that we've pointed out some of the biblical principles behind the Law of Attraction, and raised some concerns as to how this teaching might stray from biblical truth (for a summary so far, read Part 1 and Part 2), let's explore a couple of reasons why The Secret works.

The explanation du jour is based on what is touted as a scientific application of Quantum Physics. For those lost already...
"Quantum physics describes how electrons surround the nucleus of the atom and other subatomic actions." And while "the evolution of quantum physics first started with questions about light and the atom," the science has matured. In fact, "quantum theory is no longer limited to explaining the workings of light and atoms, but also black holes, quantum gravity, negative energy, and more." (Selected italicized quotes are from a site by Jim Tucek.)
The more includes (although not likely anticipated by serious students of quantum mechanics) metaphysical applications, or so the teachers of The Secret would have us believe. Meaning, we now know why the Law of Attraction works.

And the reason is this: It's because we are all made up of "fundamental matter particles" that vibrate at a very high frequency. That is, if you break our physical bodies down to the very smallest particles discovered so far - quarks - then we seem to be composed of vibrating bits of energy. And these quarks, it is taught by metaphysicians, send out vibrations that resonate with other things vibrating on the same frequency. Like attracts like after all.

Because we are vibrating, you ask? Stay with me.

You know we aren't one solid object, right? Nothing is. Everything is made up of molecules; and a molecule is simply a combination of two or more atoms. But even an atom (despite the literal meaning of the word - "cannot be cut" from the Greek a - not, and tomos - cutting) is not the most basic building block of matter.
"Atoms were originally thought to be indivisible, that is, the smallest particle. However we now understand that atoms are built up of smaller parts. These parts are electrons and a nucleus. The nucleus is much smaller than the atom and is itself composed of protons and neutrons. Again, later knowledge changed our understanding as physicists discovered yet another layer of structure within the protons and neutrons. It is now known that protons and neutrons are made up of quarks." (From the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center website.)
Thus quarks are the true building blocks of the universe (so far discovered). Fundamental matter particles. And they vibrate. The belief is that quarks are pure energy. Now here's the leap. Our thoughts are merely bits of energy as well.

And since thoughts are energy vibrations that can resonate with other energy vibrations out there we have the power to "manifest" what we desire by sending out to the universe thoughts and feelings of what we want and the universe must respond in kind. It's the law. We are literally, or so it is stated, walking magnets.

A bunch of poppycock, you say? Well, I share that view - but only in degree. It's not that I don't think we send out energy that either attracts or repels - it seems obvious from observation that we do (ever want to run from negative people?) - it's just that the rumors of our magnetism are greatly exaggerated. We may indeed be quantum-powered creatures, vibrant, attractive, and able to leap tall buildings. But does that make us demigods, with unlimited potential and infinite intelligence on tap as the teachers of the Secret proclaim? I think not.

In fact, I know the secret as to why we can't manifest absolutely everything that we desire into our lives. But for that discussion, we'll have to wait until another post. Until then, manifest your thoughts and see them appear in the comment section below.

UPDATE NOON: I corresponded this morning with a member of the quantum theory group at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University and he had this to say in response to my inquiry between quantum science and metaphysical application:
"To the best of my knowledge, there is no scientific evidence for a connection between subnuclear or quark physics and the metaphysical sort of attraction that makes our lives more or less worth living. And, I know no basis for a scientific theory along these lines.

"My experience is that people who push such things are usually interested in attracting money out of your wallet. Watch out, please."
I love that.

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Veronica Stowe said...

Very insightful. I myself am Catholic and I believe to a degree in "The secret". On the other hand I do have close friends and relatives who are very weary of it and say that it takes away from the greatness of God and also that it is in God's hands - not our own- that we live day to day. Of course, when it is backed up by the scriptures, it sure is hard to de-bunk that thinking. Thanks for your thoughts.


Lyn said...


Thanks for your comment. I know many believers would dismiss anything from the "self-help" movement as non-Christian or even anti-Christian since it supposedly puts the self at the center of the universe.

First, this seems alarmist since everything in life has that potential. Even good or neutral things can become idols. So while cautions are in order, total rejection is "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" (if I can be so cliche :-)

And second, Christian faith is not about eliminating the self (which is actually a Buddhist teaching where the goal is to eliminate desire, reach nirvana, and become one with the universe, i.e. extinction). Christianity teaches that we are created in God's image and are of inestimable worth - that our "self" (soul, person) is worth taking care of.

Now of course we are to deny our sinful nature, put it to death, and follow Christ. But that is not in opposition to what I perceive to be the goal of the personal development movement, which is, in short, to provide tools and strategies to become a better person. "Self-help" won't get us to heaven, but it can offer resources that aid us as we seek to follow Jesus.

So again, appreciate your thoughts. Keep blogging! lgp

PS I like the music background on your blog. :-)

The Complete Gude to Green Tea said...

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The Complete Gude to Green Tea said...

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The Secret Science of Attraction said...

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Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

I have bookmarked your posts on del.icio.us. http://tinyurl.com/2lvdy6

The Secret is still on the best seller lists! I just blogged a red flag post about the Secret.

Many baby Christians are being deceived by the twisted Scriptures used to promote this book. Same ol' lie as in the Garden of Eden, dressed diffeently trhough history.

We need to be in prayer.

Secondly we need to visit blogs and articles exposing the Secret and bookmark (to several socialbookmarks) and comment on blogs to get the truth higher in the search engines. Please contribute!

Ben said...


An interesting discussion. I've put my response here .