Monday, October 10, 2005

Thought Renewal is Going Weekly

Hey there fellow readers . . .

After connecting with many of you via the Evangelical Bloglines and elsewhere (made some neat friends, too) , and after putting in a huge effort at linking and being linked in order to become a Slithering Reptile in the TTLB ecosystem (if you're a blogger, you know what I'm talking about), I now need to step back for the next couple of months as I get my non-blogging life back to full speed. I'm sure you understand.

What this means is that instead of every other day or so, I'll probably post a book review every week or two from now on. Just to stay fresh. So feel free to visit, but know that Thought Renewal is slowing down this fall and winter. I'll be in touch.


1 comment:

Wayne M said...

Gee, I just can't understand how you can be consumed by blogging. lol

Good luck with your endeavors.