Saturday, September 10, 2005

Discussion Break: What Is Success?

Some good discussion going on regarding success and what it means to live your best life now (see review of Osteen's book below). So let's put it on the table. Should Christians strive to be successful? And to start us off, here's a definition for your consideration, comments, or rebuttal.
Success is the continuous journey toward the achievement of predeterminied, worthwhile goals. (Tom Hopkins)
Looking forward to your thoughts. lgp

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the bloke said...

They you go. Nothing works as well as asking directly for a response. Perhaps that's what I should do more. Self advertising! Anyway, I digress, and the above is directed to your comments/request at my site. So here I am and to answer your question, success, when viewed as a journey towards a goal seems to be in line with what Phil 3: 14 and thereabouts says right? So, I guess Christians ought to pursue it.